About South Jersey Moving

Robert Kirk founded South Jersey Moving as a family owned and operated business back in 1996. Rob started in the moving business at the early age of 16 helping loading and unloading packages for locally run moving professionals. After a few years South Jersey’s own Rob began driving locally and at the age 18 began driving interstate for Vanline.

Serval years later Rob’s journey in the moving business ventured into the sales end of the moving industry and began learning the financial side of the south jersey movers business.

Since the creation of South Jersey Moving, Rob has expanded into a full line of separate medical divisions as well as handling all types of machines from printing presses to classical pianos.

  • Trusted name in the medical business including Our Lady of Lourdes hospital
  • Fully Insured so you can trust your equipment is safe
  • Devoted following of repeat business and residential clients

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