Office Moving Tips

  • Labeling – everything should be labeled, no matter how small or inconsequential. When a desk has a removable return, both pieces must be tagged.
  • Tagging- Bundles of computer cable, Floor mats, white boards, trash cans, typewriters, individual computer components, and peripherals, etc must be all individually tagged.
  • Tag items in locations that are easy for the movers to spot: for example
    • Bookcases on top
    • Storage Cabinets on front
    • File top Cabinets on front
    • Boxes on the ends, not top or bottom
  • Contents- Empty completely the contents of the following articles- Desks, table drawers, credenzas, shelving, storage cabinets, and bookcases.
  • Filing cabinets –Do not empty vertical (narrow types) file cabinets, they will be moved full. Empty all lateral (wide type) file cabinets.
  • Connections – All mechanical and electrical disconnections must be made prior to the time of move.
  • Personnel- Do not have a lot of extra personnel at your facilities on moving day. They will only get in the way of the movers.
  • Leased equipment – Do not move photocopiers with toner installed. You must notify all service or lease agents that your are moving the photocopier or computer equipment that is under contract.